Temps de Vacances
is an artist-run independent

publication, archive and artist project 

which was founded in 2015

It examines the possibilities of material means in post-digital

image-suffused reality. Using devices and methodologies of de-contextualising

and re-

contextualising information, every issue is separated in two: images and text. 

Bridging creative minds from different fields into a commonplace

a paper bridge

for critical discourse

surrounding art, culture, and theory, commited to an exploration of the printed medium

as a reproducable material space 

Produced in exclusive numbered editions gathering interviews and conversations,

exclusive collaborations, documents and images, with shared positions towards reality,

history and representation 

Periodicity, form and theme vary 

London, Hamburg

contact: info@tempsdevacances.com


We have collaborated with Roger Ballen,

Mark Manders, Camille Henrot, Shabi Habib, Halley Mellin, Sasha

Kurmaz, Walid Raad, Hanna Putz, Ruth Erdt, Steve Van den Bosch,

Rinus Van de Velde, Juan A. Gaitan, Tori Wranes, Mathieu Briand,

Rebecca Jagoe, Aaron Curry, Nicola Samori, Leo Gabin, Julia Wachtel,

Adrien Guillet, Ivars Gravlejs, Roy Arden, Stine Sampers, Erik A. Frandsen,

Jan Kempenaers, and Ross Simonini, among others 

“Quite honestly, ‘Temps de Vacances’ is one of the most

interesting publications I have discovered this year. It creates

a fusion of poetic experience, a perfect combination of

traditional and modern elements”


                             - Anna Chayasatit, Editor at People of Print